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Listing of available properties in Downtown Tulare for sale, lease or rent. This listing is NOT connected to the MLS, we track our own vacancies in the downtown for your convenience when searching for property in the downtown area. When avaialable, detailed information is included as a PDF linked to the picture in this gallery. Simply hover over the photo, a red background will appear then click on the address of the property. The attached PDF is printable.

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460 South K Street

Realtor Info

POTENTIAL USES FOR THIS BUILDING:Auto parts store, Live music venue, gallery, game center, conference center/meeting space.

256 North K Street

Former Citizens Bank; suggested uses include Live Music venue, Games, comedy, karaoke, collectibles, antiques, office

134 South K Street/Slated for taco and taproom

114 South K Street

Former Pawn shop, Suggested uses: Ice Cream shop, candy store, live music venue, games, bridal rental/sales, comedy/karaoke clubs, "maker studios" such as soap, candle and tie dye, supplement sales, artist

151 South K Street

Former Jewelry store and Pawn shop, Suggested uses: Ice Cream shop, candy store, live music venue, games, bridal rental/sales, comedy/karaoke clubs, "maker studios" such as soap, candle and tie dye, supplement sales, artist. This building has the potential for upstairs apartments.

157 South K Street

former AMVETS Suggested uses: offices. Has basement. Call Kyle at 559-696-2842

142 South K Street

Former Escape room so, if you've thought about trying that, this property could bring in residual customers. Or you could do a supplement store here and take advantage of the VERY busy gym next door. Great for retail, live music, comedy/karaoke club and more. Recently remodeled interior with classic restored exeterior facade.

260 South K Street

Former bar is a great consideration for a small, intimate live music venue, club, pub, comedy/karaoke bar or club. Great potential in an historic building.

144 South L Street

Looking for a little office space to spread your wings? This could be the perfect spot for you. Individual office spaces inside a larger building. Parking off street. Great place to get started with a business. Accountants, Bookkeeping, real estate, notary and more.

350 South L Street

Besides a car lot this could be an outdoor marketplace or a conference center...

Cross Ave and M Street

SE Corner of Cross Ave and M Street features office space, shop space for light utility, makers and others.

113 South M Street

Was an insurance office. Works great for office, game store, bridal rental/sales, comedy/karaoke club.

137 South M Street- Formerly Nielsen's Restaurant

108 E Cross Avenue

Was a Rite Aid drug store but could be a live music venue, a market place or a conference center.

220 E Cross Avenue

Former Aaron Rentals; could be used as a live music venue, retail, a market place or a conference center.

122 North M Street

Nicely finished office space ready for a new or expanding business.

49 W Tulare Avenue

Formerly Walgreens; could be used for auto parts, market place, conference center or drug store. Has drive thru lane with window.

416 E Tulare Avenue

Drive Thru Kiosk for coffee/breakfast or other drive-thru products or offerings

115 E Tulare Avenue

Former JC Penny’s. Former Employment Connection office. Whole building with basement or section out.

140 E Tulare Avenue

Former bank building. Has walk-in safe and drive thru. 3 lane drive up. Could be live venue for music, a market place or conference center as well.

530-532 E Tulare Avenue

Small retail units perfect for those just starting out. Can also be used as office space, especially suited to businesses with a lot of walk-in traffic. Highly visible with display windows. Uses could include bakery, intimate live music venue, “maker” type businesses, bridal rental/sales, comedy/karaoke club, ice cream shop, candy shop, game store, and more.

245 East Inyo Avenue

Former fishing tackle store. Large open building with display windows. Great venue for live music, game store, market place or retail

129 North K Street

Former furniture store, this building offers wide open space for many uses. Could be a live music venue or conference facility, game store or a marketplace.

161 North M Street

Former business center. Could be used as a real estate office, meeting rooms, etc.