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Zumwalt Park

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Zumwalt Park

Looking for a venue to hold a reunion, a wedding or an event? Consider Tulare's historic and beautiful Zumwalt Park. Situated in Downtown Tulare just north of City Hall, the park features plenty of open grassy area, lots of trees and a beautiful gazebo large enough to hold a sizable band.

Zumwalt Park
The park features a beautiful gazebo that can play stage for a band, award presentations, a wedding or any other type of event where you want the center of attention stylishly elevated above the crowd.
Elegant light poles and interesting trees along with winding sidewalks through large grassy areas create plenty of room for even the largest events. The park plays host to Tulare's premier summer event, Summer Sally, and can be used to host many types of events.
Zumwalt Gazebo
Zumwalt park

Large expanses of concrete around the gazebo make for convenient and stable table and chair placement to accommodate spectators and guests.

There's plenty to love about Zumwalt Park. Contact the City of Tulare for more information about this wonderful downtown attraction.
Zumwalt park

Photos courtesy of Jeff Killion and Gainsborough Studio